Solid Ground

1501 North 45th Street
Seattle, WA 98103

WA – South Sound (Tacoma,Olympia, Bremerton)

Solid Ground


Connect Up–South Sound Community Voice Mail 

Lambert Rochfort, Maureen Jones
Phone: (206) 694-6771
Fax: (206) 694-6777



About the Provider

Solid Ground works to end poverty and undo racism and other oppressions that are root causes of poverty. Based in Seattle’s Wallingford neighborhood, their 30 programs and services ranging from shelter, food, transportation and other basic services help nearly 60,000 households each year overcome poverty and build better futures throughout King County and beyond.

ConnectUp (formerly Community Voice Mail) is a communication hub for people living on low incomes in King County. They help people access phone, voicemail, internet and other connections to the services they need to find housing and employment, and stay in touch with their communities. They also broadcast information about available community resources to end poverty.

In 2014, they took over management of the South Sound Community Voice Mail Program.  Now, Solid Ground’s ConnectUp program provides Community Voice Mail and Resource Broadcasting services in both the South Sound and King County communities. If you are with a local agency in any of these regions interested in distributing Community Voice Mail or are an individual interested in obtaining a Community Voice Mail number, please contact Connect Up.

Year launched: 2000 (2014 managed by Solid Ground)
South Sound Counties Served: Pierce, Thurston, Mason, and Kitsap 

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agencies use Springwire’s Community Voice Mail program in more than 300 cities in North America to reach people they otherwise could not.

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