Solid Ground

1501 North 45th Street
Seattle, WA 98103

WA – South Sound (Tacoma,Olympia, Bremerton)

Solid Ground


South Sound Community Voice Mail 

Trisha Matthieu, Program Manager, Springwire
Phone: (206) 441-4237



million calls from employers, landlords, doctors, case workers, and loved ones reach our participants each year.

“Having a telephone number with zero out-of-pocket costs enabled me to find a permanent home, a part-time job, and take care of financial obligations. Overall, it defused my fear and anxiety of uncertainty, giving me confidence and hopefulness of a prosperous future.”

- Richard, Springwire Participant, Veteran

“My Community Voice Mail number is a lifeline for me. It’s consistent and reliable.”

– Bill, Springwire Participant